Best PS4 Couch Co-op Games

Couch co-op games are something that a lot of families with willing parents and young kids have these days. It is fun for the whole family because parents get a taste of this generation and what there kids will grow up with, and the kids, well, they get to play video games with their parents. I personally have a dad and brother who love video games, and a mom who will play them if they aren't first person. This means that we have to find games that aren't first person and younger kids can play. These games typically end up being very high quality. I used to play a lot of Call of Duty with my dad, and hope to again upon the release of Black Ops 4, any parents with older kids should definitely consider that series of game.

Here are what we think are the best PS4 couch co-op games:

What Makes a Great Couch Co-op Game

There isn't too much to be said here, because this kind of depends on your opinion, but there are a few general things. First is being able to play well. You need a game where there aren't constant collisions between the characters. This can frequently happen in side-scroller games that are couch co-op.

Second is being able to have 4-players. This isn't as important, but it is nice to have the option. If you have a larger family and everyone likes video games, or you are having friends over and they all want to play, it is nice to be able to play with 4-players instead of 2. This isn't always possible, especially with split-screen games, but if it is, I would jump at the opportunity.

Third is all of the characters having a purpose. No one wants to be that one character that has almost no use. An example of the is Mario Galaxy, this is couch co-op, but for 2 players. The second player is a star character who floats behind Mario. All he can do is collect stars that act as a currency in the game.

What To Consider Before Buying


Rating is pretty important. If you have little kids in the family, you might not want to buy the  latest Call of Duty and have them play zombies. (COD WW2 Zombies has jump scares that even scared me). If you don't want your kid playing a game where enemies blood spill on the ground after you kill them, I wouldn't recommend Borderlands 2. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is a kid friendly shooter game. It is based off of the popular IOS game Plants vs Zombies. There is no blood, and none of the characters are scary.

How Long Will it Last

Once again, important. You don't want to open up a game for your kids or with your friends and play it for 5 minutes then never touch it again. I can tell you that all of these games will last for a really long time. These games have been constantly played by my family (6 year old, 14 year old, two 46 year olds) for probably 3 years. Heck, we've even played Overcooked with extended family and family friends.


This kind of goes hand and hand with length of life. I'm gonna just get straight to the point on this one, all of these games are definitely worth the price. If you are looking at other games, make sure that you will play it enough for the price to make sense.

Best PS4 Couch Co-op Games

Rocket League is a very unique game. Basically, everyone in the game is in a car, you drive around and try to hit the ball into the goal, most points at the end wins. It is soccer in a car... with a bigger ball. This might sound stupid and childish, but trust me it is extremely fun, you won't want to stop. It also suits all ages: there is competitive, for any hardcore gamers; there is Versus, you can play online against and with other people; you can play against the AI, either with a friend or alone; and you can practice. There is 4-player couch co-op (split screen) on all of these modes, except practice mode.



Suits all ages

Very hard to get good at, may be difficult to learn (for little kids)

Multiple different modes

Fun to play alone or together

Split screen functionality is great


I would recommend this to any group of people looking to play couch co-op above the age of 10. The problem is that you need to have a strong enough thought process. I can tell you from personal experience, there are too many things to think about at once for a younger kid. It is a great game for any friends who are playing couch co-op and families with older kids, but I would steer away from this one if you have younger kids.

Rayman Legends is what we would call a side scroller or platformer. This basically means that every time you enter a level, you move to the right and it reveals more of the level, very similar to the Mario games. Throughout the level, you run into enemies, obstacles, and occasionally bosses. These games end up being a little more cooperative (nothing like Overcooked), the layout prevents you from separating. I can't speak as much for Rayman Legends as I have played it the least of the 5, but I know that it is a great game. It has a storyline like Mario, a big boss gets split into 5 of himself and captures 10 princesses, if you save all ten princesses, you essentially win, there is other stuff you have to do to unlock the last world, but those are the basics.



4 player split screen

Might not last long, upon completion of the game, not much more to do

Very simple great for little kids

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Side scroller/platformer

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Couch co-op functionality is great

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I would recommend this to any families with younger kids looking to start gaming. This game is okay for friends looking mess around, the only problem is, there isn't enough freedom. You could say that Borderlands 2 doesn't have freedom, but some parts of that game take cooperation and there is always an enemy around the corner. In Rayman Legends, I feel like there just isn't enough to hold a group of teenagers to it. Then again, it does kind of depend on your personality, I liked it, but wouldn't necessarily play, while my friend (who loves Mario) loves it and couldn't get enough of it.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is 2 of games in the Borderlands series, Borderlands Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2. These are two of my favorite games of all time. It almost has the feel of a side scroller, but it isn't a straight line, and it's a first person shooter. You are just walking through a world taken over by some sort of evil weird race trying to clear it out. Every so often you come upon checkpoints and bosses. At the checkpoints, your robotic buddy ClapTrap gives you new objectives and tells you where the next checkpoint is. It does have blood and it is a game where you shoot other people, so it is rated M.



4 player spilt screen

Rated M

First person shooter

Possibility of enemies around every corner, ambushes everywhere

Enemies drop awesome loot and can tinker with awesome perks and skills


I would recommend this to anyone who is okay playing a M rated game. You don't know how badly I want to give this an A+, the game plays so well and there are so many weapons to get, bad guys to kill, and perks to obtain. I just can't because of the rating, there are a lot of parents out there who don't want their kids playing games where you kill people and their blood spills on the ground. If that is the case, try Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. If you are okay with the killing and the blood, I would definitely recommend this, it is great for groups of friends looking to play together, you can set up ways to take back towns by flanking from different sides and making a group effort to kill bosses.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 took the popular IOS game and turned into a third person shooter. It is one of the most fun games I have ever played with someone. My brother and I play it all the time, and it is easier for him than rocket league. There are is a local mode called backyard battlegrounds where you can battle with or against friends and AI. You don't gain or loose anything from dying, but you can occasionally pick up some coins. In addition to this, there are a bunch of local modes you can play against the AI (split screen) and you can also play online against real people (also split screen). The whole game requires WiFi though.  I can't really describe it well enough, there is just so much to do that it is hard to put into words.



All the local modes make it way easier for little kids

Requires WiFi on all modes

Online modes always available to play

Only 2 player split screen

Bunch of hidden features (side quests, campaign mode), can never finish the game

Not as fast paced as some shooter games, easier to hit targets


I think that I could recommend this to almost anyone. It is slowed paced enough that parents who aren't good at video games could play with their little kids and still have a fighting chance, especially in local modes. It might look a little scary in some of the "cutscenes" when loading in the game, but if your kid can handle Monsters Inc. they should be fine. If you are someone who is confident in shooter games (Call of Duty, Fortnite, Halo) like me, it is great game for different reasons. It gives you a chance to slow down your game and look at how to improve. In local modes, the AI aren't very good, my brother can have fun playing without getting destroyed, and I can basically have a target practice session and rack up kills.

Without a doubt the best PS4 couch co-op game out there. It is perfectly optimized for groups and requires everyone to work in perfect harmony. The game is fairly simple, each level is a different kitchen, you will start getting orders and for every order you complete, you will get money, you need a certain amount of money to complete each level. For every order you fail, you lose a certain amount of money. The controls are very simple, walk, pick up/place, and cut. Two buttons, one stick. Some of the levels actually require a plan, and some everyone can do their own thing and you can still win. I have no idea how many levels there are, but with friends and family, I have completed something like 15-20 levels.



Really simple controls, easy to learn

Can split controllers (pop ut appears before you start a level giving option to split controllers) and play 4 players with 2 controllers

Takes a lot of time to complete

No matter what age, always something that is not complicated to do


I would recommend this to any family or group of friends. To give a picture of who likes this game, let me tell you my experience. The best group I have ever played with was a 14 year old, a 16 year old, a 26 year old, and a 46 year old. My 7 year old brother loves it and will play it with anyone. All of my cousins (10-24) love it. Even the babysitter loved it. I ahem played it with groups of friends and they all thought it was awesome, literally anyone can play the game and have fun. With that and the controller split, I think Overcooked earns the title best PS4 couch co-op game.


This is going to be a short sum up, but Overcooked is the best PS4 couch co-oop game. It is hard to be the controller split feature, not to mention the inclusiveness of the game and the cooperativeness. A game does not get better when playing couch co-op than this.

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