Best Gaming Monitors Under $200

Best Gaming Monitor Under $200

Having a great gaming monitor is very important. There is nothing worse than logging on the play your favorite game, but not being able to have it displayed well. Take it from me, I struggled to find a good gaming monitor because they were all much too expensive. I decided to put together this list of the best gaming monitors under $200 so that you wouldn’t have to make the mistake of using trial and error to find a decent, cheap monitor.

If you are a get to the point kind of person, the ASUS VX238H is the best gaming monitor under $200 in my opinion. If you would rather dive a little deeper and look at all of the monitors, here are the ones that we recommend:

Dell Gaming Monitor SE2417HG

HP N270h

BenQ GL2460HM

ViewSonic VX2452MH

ASUS Gaming Monitor [VX238H]

What Makes a Great Gaming Monitor?

There are a few basic things that every gaming monitor should have. The first is great quality, I think that this is a given, you don’t want the video quality to be terrible, under $200 you typically get 1080p, there are a few that have 4k though. The second is no lag or tear, this is very important because you don’t want games to be not playable. The final is as little response time as possible, I think that 2ms response time is the average around this price, but there are a few on this list that have a 1ms response time.

Those are the three main things, there are other things that you would call “basic,” but the list would go on and on so I just chose my top three.

In addition to those, it is very nice when you are able to tack on extra features like FreeSync, 4k, flicker-free technology, and a blue light filter (my personal favorite) still without going over $200.

What To Think About Before Buying a Gaming Monitor


Size is definitely a very important thing to think about, if you have limited space, you can buy something the size of a tv and set it on your desk. There is a pretty wide variety of sizes on this list, ranging from 23.6″ to 27.” While limited space can influence your decision, it should not control it, you need to think about the aspect ratio of the computer and how wide you want it to be.

Bigger does not always mean better as some people might think, if the aspect ratio is closer to 1:1 (you find this using the diagonal length of the monitor) more of the monitor is in your field of vision, if it is farther, the monitor will be wider and you will see less of it. That being said, if you have the space, I would go for the wider monitor, all of these are small enough that they will be in your field of vision (obviously if you don’t have the space get a smaller one).

Future Proofing

Currently there are tons of small tweaks and large tweaks happening to inputs, whether it’s changing one tiny thing, or creating a whole new input (we’re looking at you Apple). All of these monitors are fairly old, only one has more than one HDMI input and one or two of them have oddly placed headphone jacks. If you don’t mind having these limitation for a little while until you can afford your $2,000 dream monitor, then by all means, go ahead, but if you need all five of your HDMI inputs and your super futuristic, weird, and fancy inputs, be a little more cautious before you buy. At that, they all have great functionality and are perfect for anyone looking to game in their free-time.


Make sure that the monitor has the proper inputs before you buy. I believe that all of these have HDMI, but if you need something like DVI (one has DVI-D) or Lightning Cable, make sure you buy something with compatible inputs.

Viewing Angle

This tends to be less of an issue if you plan on looking at it head on, but if for some reason you want to use it from the side or a tilted angle, make sure the angle is wide enough. All of these monitors have good viewing angles and that shouldn’t become an issue, unless you friends crowd around your monitor at all angle to watch you get the Fortnite Victory Royale.


You want a high resolution because it makes everything look sharper. All of these monitors are 1920 x 1080 pixels, this is Full HD and is what you could call “the standard.” This is something to take into consideration once you bump up your budget, but you want to look for a high Pixels per Inch (number of horizontal pixels divided by the horizontal dimension of the monitor). The resolution can bring you from Full HD to 8k.


There are two things to think about here, how many colors the monitor can display and how accurately it can display them. About half of these monitors can display 16.7 million colors and they all look sharp and clear, the rest have the same display quality, but less colors.


This part just comes down to personal opinion, not everyone of these monitors contains every feature from the others, so it comes down to which you like the most. I would opt for any of the ones with blue light filters, those always have a special spot in my heart. But who knows, you may prefer the dual HDMI inputs or the higher quality internal speaker, that is for you to choose.

5 Best Gaming Monitors Under $200

Now that we clarified all of the basics, I think its time to tell you the 5 Best Gaming Monitors under $200.

Dell Gaming Monitor SE2417HG


Dell is one of the well know hardware manufacturers in the gaming world. They aren’t as old as some of the other companies like HP and Apple, but they still provide great quality. They have made many monitors, softwares, and even an operating system. All of their monitors are high quality, but under $200 they can get a little shaky.

This is probably Dell’s best gaming monitor under $200 because of its huge variety of colors and the Full HD resolution. It is also the most light weight monitor on this list and has the best stand straight out of the box. These features make it easiest to get up and running straight out of the box.

Unfortunately, it has no HDMI inputs. This means that you will have to find an HDMI to DVI-D if you were planning on using HDMI.

Great screen quality, colors, saturation, and ipsReflective when sun shining on it
Price makes it better than some similar, but pricyer monitorsOnly has DVI-D and VGA inputs
Light weight
Screen tilts up and down


This monitor easily suits the needs of anyone lookin to play games, watch movies, and work (that especially). I would recommend this to anyone under these categories. If you are a hardcore gamer looking for something like a 1ms response time or less, I would say find something slightly more expensive because you probably won’t be finding a 1ms response time less than $125. Anyone who lives in a super sunny area (like Arizona) may get annoyed by the reflection the screen has when a lot of sun is on it, but there are very easy fixes to that like turning the computer around.

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2018 HP N270h

HP is the second oldest manufacturing company (right behind IBM), this gives them a sort of seniority. Along with that, they have some great products which makes them a very reliable source.

This monitor has a frequency of 60Hz (tied for first on this list) and runs at 60fps. Like all of the others, it has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD). It has a “color ratio” of 1000:1 meaning that the colors aren’t as vibrant as some of the other monitors, but it still has 16.7 million colors. Thankfully, there is an HDMI input as well as a VGA. While it is an edge to edge monitor (meaning there is very little lining on the edges) there is unfortunately a 5ms response time, the slowest on this list. I think that it is a fair trade of considering all of the other things.

IPS panel for wider viewing anglesNo HDMI audio input
Decent refresh time for faster non blurry imagesmore expensive
Anti-glare makes it much easier to deal with sun5ms response time
Several custom video setting including standard, games, and work
HDMI video input


Anyone focusing more on gaming should seriously consider this monitor. As far as work goes, all of these monitors are fairly even (Dell SE2417HG works best for anyone in graphic design or photo/video editing/production). This is a gaming review though, so I would say that this is a pretty solid monitor. It actually has HDMI plugs to hook up a console (might have to plug headphones into controller to get audio directly from console); the screen is a whopping 27″; it has anti-glare (that’s for you people in Arizona); and runs at a solid 60 fps. Even if you are planning on streaming, 60fps is a pretty solid frame rate, looks really smooth if you have 1080p or 4k and personally, I think that having more than 60fps is kind of unnecessary.

While it may not be the best gaming monitor under $200, it still is great for anyone looking for a wide screen and solid frame rate.

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BenQ GL2460HM

I feel like BenQ is a little bit of an under-credited company. They are definitely smaller than companies like Apple, HP and Dell. That being said, they make products of equal or better quality. They have many of the best gaming monitors under $200, but only this one made it onto the list.

This is one of my favorite on the list because of one thing, the low blue-light mode. This may seem like a small thing, but it is important to me. It reduces the strain on your eyes and makes gaming much healthier for you. This could allow you to play for longer periods of time, though I do not recommend it. Consoles run really well on this (1080p; 60fps) but it can occasionally jam up with a PC.

Low blue light mode to reduce strain on the eyesInternal speakers not great (works fine with external)
Great quality when running games on consoleHeadphone jack is kind of inconvenient
Very easy to hook up to consoles
Can run consistent 60fps with the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro


I would recommend this monitor more to people who are looking for something to hook up a console to. If you are planning on gaming without a console, I would look at some of the other products. I have two reasons for saying that. First, it can run a console at max graphics and frame rate really well.

And second, there seems to be a bit of an audio issue. It is very easy to plug your headset into your controller and listen to the audio that way. Plugging it into your controller is much simpler even if you are using keyboard and mouse. It allows you to put it to the side in a comfortable position rather than wrapped around the monitor.

The low blue light mode is my personal favorite part of this product. I love the fact that you are able to significantly reduce the blue light. The filter also reduces the strain on your eyes making gaming healthier. It may not be one of the best gaming monitors under $200 for hooking up to a PC, but it is certainly great for a console.

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ViewSonic VX2452MH

ViewSonic is another under appreciated company in my opinion, the make extremely bulky monitors like this one. It goes hand and hand with a really nice PC.

I think that this is probably the second best monitor on this list. As are all of the other ones, it is a 1920 x 1080 Full HD monitor. It has FreeSync technology that I think is a work of magic, it stops games from lagging or tearing during graphics heavy moments or cutscenes. It also has three different inputs (the most on this list), a HDMI, a DVI, and a VGA. You are also able to connect virtually any device (not a Mac without an HDMI or console). Once again, it has a blue light filter and flicker free technology which make it all the better. I think that this is one of the best gaming monitors under $200, but is not quite the best.

GREAT for graphics heavy games with a PCWhen connecting PC, it can be tricky, might need to plug in DVI instead of HDMI
No screen tear or lag while in large fights or while large areas loading inStand is kind of wobble/flimsy, just need to find a secured stand
Supports PCs, laptops, Macs with HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGAButtons can be a pain to deal with
Colors are rich, clear, and consistent on movies and games
Buttons on rear of display on bottom right corner to adjust colors and contrast


Anyone who is planning on connecting a laptop, Mac, or well built PC to their monitor should consider this one. It will really be able to bring the maximum out of your PC. Once you get it hooked up this monitor is able to handle graphics heavy games really well. If you are struggling to hook it up, try DVI instead of HDMI. There is a non FreeSync version of this monitor for the same price and I really don’t see why you would buy it. FreeSync allows the game display to not tear or lag so you are getting more bang for your buck.

This monitor also has flicker free technology and a blue light filter to ease your eyes. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if you are able to connect a console to this monitor. If you are looking for a monitor with that capability, look at the BenQ GL2460HM.

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ASUS is one of my favorite companies, I just love all of their products. But this is not on the list because of biased, I think it is the best monitor under $200.

While it is $150, it has the most, and the best features of all the items on this list. Once again, we have Full HD 1920 x 1080. But this time, there is a 1ms rapid response time, the fastest on this list. It is also the only one on this list that has dual HDMI inputs making it all the better. The built in speakers are actually decent and will suit the needs of most games or movies. It has a blue-light filter and flicker free technology, but no FreeSync.

Extremely easy to set up and adjust to your tasteStand is hard to adjust, requires a lot of force
1 ms rapid response time
Once again flicker free technology and blue light filter
Video quality is smooth and consistent with no lag or tear
Internal speakers are decent but headphones are very easy to hook up


I’m just going to say it, I think that this is the best gaming monitor under $200. It has the qualities of all of the other monitors: no lag or tear; blue light filter; flicker free technology; smooth video quality; etc. But then on top of all that, it has a 1ms response time, the best internal speakers of all of these monitors, DUAL HDMI (not just one, but TWO), and the easiest setup with the least tweaking/difficulty. It is around $20 cheaper than the other monitors but I think that is money well spent. All of the added bonuses your getting, it is definitely worth the extra cash.

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To sum it up, I think that the ASUS VX238H is the best gaming monitor under $200. It just has the most qualities of all these monitors, and they are also the most useful in my opinion. I just can’t willingly pass up all of the blue light stuff, the dual HDMI and the 1ms response time.

It makes for a great, distinct feel to gaming that is hard to find in any monitor for this price. While I would recommend this to most people, people playing bulky games, or working and gaming on the same monitor should check out some of the other option on this list.