Month: April 2017

The Best Micro ATX Z270 Motherboards featured

Best Micro ATX Z370 Motherboards

Intel recently revealed their 7th generation Kaby lake series CPUs and with them, the Z270 chipset. While the performance of Kaby lake leaves many disappointed, it isn’t unsurprising. Intel abandoned their Tick-Tock model early last year and AMD has been struggling for market share. Therefore, Intel doesn’t have any reason to dump more money into …

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pcmr computer setup

Best Gaming Mouse Pads

Okay so it’s time to upgrade and the best gaming mouse pads are those with the highest quality and reasonable price. Now I’ve used everything from a cardboard box to an old magazine and nothing beats a good quality mouse pad. With so many out there in all shapes, sizes and materials etc., you need …

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7 Best PCIe SSDs

Want to find the best PCIe SSDs for your gaming rig? First, we will describe the different types of SSDs on the market and the technologies they use. With that information in mind, we will then review the best PCIe SSDs on the market in 2017. These reviews will cover descriptions of manufacturer-specific technology, details …

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15 Best Headphone Stands

Today, there are hundreds of headphone stands available. Just a short time ago, that wasn’t the case. An exploding market for premium headphones has emerged, with products designed for gamers. If you have headphones, you need a place to store them. Are you shoving headphones around your desk? Find out what makes the best headphone …

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